This website is brought to you by the trusted Dr. Pen Australia team. We are the only authorised distributor of the Dr. Pen brand.

Why Have We Launched UK Dr. Pen Store?

There is a growing demand for Dr. Pen Microneedling Pen and the latest beauty tech device in the UK; however, this surge in popularity has also given rise to a concerning issue. Many consumers are falling victim to scams orchestrated by unauthorised resellers.

For that, we present uk.drpen.co as a solution for our UK-based customers wanting to purchase a legitimate Dr. Pen Microneedling devices, replacement cartridges, and the latest beauty techs from a trusted and authorised seller.

We have established dedicated local warehouses in the United Kingdom to facilitate expedited shipping, thereby enabling our customers to avoid prolonged delivery times from Australia. uk.drpen.co stands as a reliable platform specifically tailored for our valued UK clientele, ensuring a seamless shopping experience conducted in their native currency.

Our commitment extends to swift shipping services, fostering a hassle-free transaction process, and obviating the imposition of unnecessary taxes on our customers.

The Dr. Pen Australia team are registered with the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods which means our devices have undergone rigorous testing for safety and quality, for your peace of mind that you have purchased the highest quality device. Our ARTG registration number is: 330372

We take pride in the endorsement of over 1,200 verified 5-star reviews and counting.

Additionally, our VIP Facebook community boasts a membership of 14,000 individuals, providing you with an extensive platform to hear directly from genuine customers about their real-life experiences and satisfaction with our products and services.


We are based in Perth, Western Australia with warehouses in the US and UK as well as a customer service team spanning both Australia, the US and UK so we are well equipped to answer your questions and support you in choosing the perfect Dr. Pen devices.

We have a diverse team of beauty and skin care enthusiasts overseen by our in-house Beauty Advisor with over 15 years’ experience, as well as a licensed Aesthetician. Each and every one of us is dedicated to helping you achieve your skin goals.


We believe that effective skin care should be accessible and affordable for all - and shouldn't be limited by your ability to get to the beauty clinic!

We're on a mission to find the most innovative skin care technologies from around the globe and bring them directly to your door. you can get the skin of your dreams from the comfort and privacy of your own home.


 You are in safe hands

  • We’re the only ARTG registered distributor of Dr. Pen, a revolutionary auto microneedling pen trusted by Dermatologists and Aestheticians worldwide.
  • Our customer service team spans both Australia, the US and the UK and is overseen by our in-house Beauty Advisor who has 15+ years experience so we are well equipped to answer your questions and support you in choosing the perfect Dr. Pen device for you.
  • We have a wealth of informational content in the form of blogs, videos, social media posts and e-book downloads to ensure you are informed and supported.

Our customers love us

  • We have over 1,200 verified 5-stars testimonials and counting.
  • We have a VIP Facebook community of over 14,000 members where we share secret deals not advertised anywhere else.

Shopping with us is easy

  • We’ve launched a local UK warehouse, so you can avoid long shipping times from Australia and unnecessary taxes.
  • We accept PayPal, Google Pay, Clearpay and Open Pay for your peace of mind as well as AMEX, Mastercard and Visa.


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