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ClearPay on Dr. Pen Uk

Dr. Pen UK (uk.drpen.co) is excited to announce that we are partnering with Clearpay to give Dr. Pen UK customers a more convenient and flexible way to pay for their shopping. 

This is a fantastic addition for anyone looking to purchase their favourite Dr. Pen products without the stress of upfront payments. 

Clearpay offers a revolutionary payment system that allows you to split your purchases into four interest-free payments, making it easier than ever to spread the cost of your shopping. 

Using Clearpay, you can shop now and pay later; it allows you to manage your finances more effectively. This means you can enjoy all the Dr. Pen microneedling ranges you want without worrying about breaking the bank.

However, Clearpay might sound novel or intimidating to some of you. So, we are here to help you understand and navigate the new-added payment method at uk.drpen.co through a list of FAQs below:


Q: What is Clearpay?

A: Clearpay is a payment system that allows you to shop and split your purchases into four interest-free payments interest-free. This will give you the flexibility to shop without paying the total amount of your purchases upfront. Making it easier to manage your finances.

Q: Do I need to register to use Clearpay?

A: Yes, you do. You must register your personal details via Clearpay to use this payment method. There are two ways to register with Clearpay: (1) Go to Clearpay.co.uk website and find the Sign-Up button, click and then follow the process (2) Download the Clearpay app on App Store or Google Play Store, Go to the app and find Sign-Up button then click and follow the steps.

Q: How do I use Clearpay at uk.drpen.co?

A: Once you are registered and approved to spend some amount of money by Clearpay, you can go to uk.drpen.co. Select the product you like, add product(s) to the cart, and shop as usual. Once you click checkout on the "Payment" section, select "Clearpay" as your payment method.

Q: Is Clearpay Safe and Secure?

A: Clearpay has achieved the highest level of payment data security in the world, set by the PCI Global Security Standards Council. This is known in the industry as Data Security Standard Level 1 and applies to all the major payment companies worldwide. 

Achieving this standard includes accreditation to the highest level of:

  • Secure Networks and Systems
  • Data Protection
  • Strong Access Control
  • Regular Monitoring and Testing

Clearpay entire business depends on our community trusting us to help them plan, buy and pay – including managing and protecting their data.

Q: Is it really interest-free? Will any additional cost be involved in using Clearpay on uk.drpen.co?

A: Clearpay allows you to shop now and pay later, always interest-free. Clearpay will only charge you on the occasion that you miss the due date of payment (late fees).

Q: How will I get a refund with Clearpay?

A: In the case that your order is not satisfactory, undelivered, or experiencing some other issues, you can raise a dispute from your Clearpay account -- to learn more, please go to Clearpay page about raising a dispute.


After reading the above FAQs, we hope you get the basic idea of using Clearpay at uk.drpen.co, the genuine Dr. Pen store in the UK. 

If you have more questions about using the Clearpay service, please visit the complete FAQs section of Clearpay.

Are you ready to shop with Clearpay?  

Head over to uk.drpen.co now and start shopping with Clearpay today! Chat with Dr. Pen UK customer support if you need further assistance.

Happy shopping!

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